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A Human Face With Veins and Muscles Copy

Neonatal Cardiometabolic Palpation: A New Paradigm in Biodynamic Practice Introduction The first year of life after birth is the most metabolically active time in the entire human lifespan. Extensive remodeling of the brain, lungs, heart and gut must begin within moments after birth. Microcirculation increases dramatically in the brain as the endothelium changes function to accommodate the intensive growth of neurons. High levels […]

Principles of Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy (BCVT) Practice in Descending Order of Importance

Michael J Shea, PhD 2017 The essence of BCVT practice is synchronizing with Primary Respiration and resting in the stillness. First perceive the dynamic interplay of Primary Respiration and dynamic stillness inside your body, around it and out to the natural world. BCVT is a compassion based system of manual therapy in which the priority […]

Three Categories of Experiencing Primary Respiration

I want to share the experience of my perception of Primary Respiration or what is commonly called the Long Tide. I teach several biodynamic sensory awareness principles of Primary Respiration that I want to review before discussing different and variable experiences. The first basic principle of sensing Primary Respiration is: It is the movement of […]

Resting in the Heart

I recently began a series of teachings called “resting in the heart.” During one of my classes this past winter, a student asked me that if someone is not able to rest in their heart then where could they rest? As a class we pondered this. There is a truth that sometimes our hearts are […]

To Care: Part 2

I have said that the story of stress and trauma is not the authentic story of our being. That needs to be modified as it is authentic from the view of embodied wholeness. How? When the story of stress and trauma is being told, it is being held (listened to) by a compassionate therapist in […]

To Care: Part 1

To care for self and other is a natural biological instinct. It forms the basis of empathy and compassion. To care exists on a spectrum that incorporates our most basic animal nature for healing when we are sick, all the way to a heartfelt desire to see the world completely free of pain and suffering. […]

Release Based Cathartic Therapy: Cautions and Considerations

CONCEPTUAL OVER SIMPLICITY Catharsis therapy is based on the idea that bringing painful memories to consciousness with emotional discharge is the best way to recover from old wounds. Deliberately re-living a traumatic event by dredging up memories or releasing emotions through catharsis is more likely to re-traumatize the body/mind than to heal it…the body/mind cannot […]

Release Based Cathartic Therapy: Cautions and Considerations

Today I would like to start posting on emotional release work. I wrote this as part of my dissertation a few years ago and it is still relevant. All of the references will be posted in the final blog of this series. Since the days of Mesmer, certain forms of therapy in the West have […]

What is Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy, Part 8

Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers that I have forgotten? Answer: The important thing in all of this is for the practitioner to feel the movement of his or her heart. I probably should have said this at the very beginning but the biodynamic process starts with mindfulness of […]

What is Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy, Part 7

Question: You have been the student of a medicine man on the Navajo reservation in Arizona for a long time. In the workshop you have compared the 3-dimensional perception of our physical body and the perception of Primary Respiration and Stillness with the medicine wheel, bear skin and rattle of a traditional healer. All these […]