What is Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy, Part 8

Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers that I have forgotten?

Answer: The important thing in all of this is for the practitioner to feel the movement of his or her heart. I probably should have said this at the very beginning but the biodynamic process starts with mindfulness of the therapist’s body especially the heart. This is a very direct and personal relationship I have with my body called interoceptive awareness. Research clearly says that sensing the movement of our own heart changes our brain structure. It reinforces the self-regulation capacity of our brain and consequently our heart. So for me biodynamic practice is about rebuilding a strong connection between the heart, the brain and the body. This connection is based also upon the perception of PR and Stillness. Strengthening this connection builds resilience so that we stop wasting emotional and physical energy. In this way our natural biological instinct for compassion becomes stronger. PR and stillness are the ground of compassion. The heart is the path.

And that means compassion for ourselves and others. It also means a greater sense of contentment and happiness can be achieved. All of which are qualities rooted in our biology and can start to wake up with attention on PR, Stillness and the heart. They are located in such small seeds in the ground of our heart, brain and body at the moment. So if we can decrease the compulsive thoughts and disturbing emotions we can water the seeds of happiness and compassion with PR and Stillness.

NOTE:  This is the final posting in this series.  I hope that you enjoyed it.  Next week I will begin a series called:  Release Based Cathartic Therapy: Cautions and Considerations. Thank you for being a part of this community.


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