The Multivagal Safety System In BCVT (BCVT 10)

A new paradigm is presented on the metabolism of the Vagus nerve above and below the respiratory diaphragm called the Multivagal Safety System. Students learn important biodynamic skills to balance the vagal metabolism of the body based on Primary Respiration and stillness. Included in this class is contact with the Vagus nerve in the cranium, face and neck, heart-aorta-heart meridian, abdominopelvic viscera and ANS plexi, the large intestine-sacrum-pudendal artery. A new understanding of the vagus nerve as a system of embodied safety is integrated into student’s clinical practice.

Students deepen their understanding of how Metabolic syndrome is co-regulated by the Vagus nerve. Metabolic syndrome is a worldwide pandemic (cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, dementia). The intention of this class is to help students sense embodied safety in the body from a metabolic point of view.

  • Learn the new Multivagal Safety System between the pelvis, gut, heart and brain
  • Learn the four types of safety associated with the Vagus nerve
  • Understand the metabolism of the Vagus nerve
  • Learn to balance the ANS metabolically in biodynamic practice