The Head-Face-Cardiac Connection (BCVT 1)

This course is focused on new research in the embryonic development of the heart and its implications for biodynamic practice. The relationship of the developing face to the brain and the heart is a focus of this class. The heart is ignited by growth factors from the face and the movement of the Fluid Body. This links the heart, brain, face and gut together as one unit of function. The following arteries are taught and palpated biodynamically: facial, transverse facial and maxillary arteries. Heart Rate Variability is taught with a specific breathing practice called coherent breathing essential for stabilizing the heart.

The four types of prenatal circulatory systems are presented. The relationship of the therapist and client is an interconnected circulatory system. Meditations and cardiovascular explorations are taught to bring conscious awareness to the movement of the heart and blood in the therapist’s body and then in the client. Research shows that this develops empathy and compassion in the therapist and the client.

  • Introduction to the facial arteries
  • Perform the skills of balancing the head, neck and heart with PR
  • Exploration with the fluid fields of the cranium
  • Deepen an understanding of biodynamic practice being a two-person biology