Microbiome and Mesenteric Arteries (BCVT 5)

This course deepens understanding of Metabolic syndrome and how it originates in the gut. New research on the microbiome is presented. Distinctions are made between the heart, brain and gut metabolic pathways especially through the portal vein system and liver. Students learn important skills to balance these connections. Included in this class is contact with the abdominal aorta, coeliac trunk, superior mesenteric artery and right colic arteries to balance the five ANS plexi in the gut.

Included in this class is information on the structure and function of the epithelium of the gut. The majority of clients have “leaky gut” syndrome causing inflammation and Metabolic syndrome. Students learn how the endothelium of the vascular system becomes inflamed from “leaky gut” and is related to all other endothelium in the body, especially the liver.

  • Learn the signaling system of the ANS between the heart, liver and brain
  • Learn new bridging skills between the arteries, veins and ANS plexi in the vascular system
  • Learn the embryological origins of the mesenteric arterial system
  • Begin to heal the intestines through the superior mesenteric artery