Ignition of the Heart and Midline

Biodynamic Ignition is the point at which a client transitions to healing. This course details the perception of a five-step ignition process within PR: spark, ignition, permeation, augmentation and stillpoint as experienced in the third ventricle of the brain. These functions of the biodynamic ignition process bring order and organization to all growth and development of the human body throughout the life span. Various hand positions around the face, neck and sacrum are taught to observe the ignition of PR and dynamic stillness in the nervous, cardiovascular systems and heart. The following arteries are explored: subclavian, carotid and posterior tibial arteries. A unique skill of synchronizing PR and breathing is practiced.

The midline is the perception of stillness. Its center is the heart. It is established with the perception of the ignition process and experienced as a central stillness in the heart and cardiovascular system. This course includes sensing the midline of the spinal cord. Additional levels of midline is explored in this course.

  • Deepen into the biodynamic experience of stillness and the heart
  • Learn the five-step process of ignition related to a midline
  • Practice synchronizing Primary Respiration and breathing
  • Palpate ignition of the brain and heart