Ignition of the Heart and Midline

Ignition is the point at which a client transitions to a higher level of functioning and thus healing. This course will detail the perception of a five-step ignition process within PR: spark, ignition, permeation, augmentation and disengagement. These functions of the biodynamic ignition process bring order and organization to all growth and development of the human body throughout the life span. This will be demonstrated through lecture, audiovisual presentation, perceptual explorations and session exchanges. Various hand positions around the face, neck and sacrum will be taught to observe the ignition of PR and dynamic stillness in the cardiovascular system and heart. The following arteries will be explored: facial, transverse facial, occipital and posterior tibial arteries. Of special interest will be the relationship of PR to breathing for igniting embodied wholeness. A unique skill of synchronizing PR and breathing will be practiced.

The midline is the experience of order and organization in the body as a perception of stillness. Its center is the heart. It is established with the perception of the ignition process and experienced as a central stillness in the heart and cardiovascular system. This stillness expands outside the body and contracts. This course includes how the embryo develops from biological stillness and is maintained through the life span. In this way, the midline, when it is perceived can ignite compassion for the pain and suffering that both therapists and clients experience. Six levels of midline will be explored in this course.

  • Deepen into the biodynamic experience of stillness and the heart
  • Learn the five-step process of ignition related to a midline
  • Practice synchronizing Primary Respiration and breathing
  • Palpate ignition of the face and heart