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Seminar 1 • Biodynamic Practice with Moms and Babies:  Heart Rate Variability in Prenatal Development and Infancy

The first seminar in this series focuses on new research regarding heart rate variability (HRV), which is a measure of the flexibility of the autonomic nervous system in adults of all ages, pregnant women and children. We look specifically at the effects of stress on the cardiovascular systems of mom and her baby during pregnancy and birth. Michael demonstrated the work in class with a pregnant mom.

Michael guides you in understanding and affecting our own HRV with coherent breathing techniques and mindfulness practices.  He talks about integrating breathing skills with our experience of Primary Respiration to balance the electrical system between the heart, lungs and brain; and we learn how to teach these skills to expectant mothers.

Other experiential and palpation skills, all of which can readily be applied to clients of any age, will include:

  • How to support the cardiovascular systems of mom and baby during pregnancy, in preparation for birth, as well as for long-term health.
  • How to influence the placenta before birth.
  • Sensing Primary Respiration and stillness within the blood.
  • Learning to breathe with the fundamental quiescent rhythm.

Seminar 2  • Birth and Transition Physiology

The second seminar will focus on what’s taking place in the infant who is transitioning from aquatic breathing to air breathing before, during and after birth. New palpation skills will orient around stabilizing cardio-pulmonary respiration in newborn babies. Several cardiovascular protocols will be taught and practiced. During this class, Michael demonstrated with an infant.

In addition, we’ll examine the consequences of birth trauma, especially from Cesarian-section.

  • Learn skills to support the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of infant and caregivers.
  • Develop specific evaluation skills for determining normal heart-brain development.
  • Advance your understanding of how the infant heart develops.
  • Apply palpation skills for respiratory diaphragm-liver-aorta balance.

Seminar 3  •  Infant-Mother Attachment and Bonding

This third seminar lays the groundwork for understanding the science of attachment and bonding in the first year after birth. The neurobiology of infant brain development is covered in detail.

Specific skills are taught to evaluate the stress level of an infant and to help repair the infant-caregiver relationship. We learn a sequence of evaluation and palpation skills for an infant based on balancing the cardiovascular and nervous systems before considering the membrane and osseous systems. Michael demonstrated the work in class with a mother and her baby.

Traditional approaches to pediatric craniosacral therapy are discussed in terms of correct sequencing of evaluation and palpation. This module includes:

  • The neurobiology of the four stages of attachment.
  • The necessity of fear reduction; down-regulating the amygdala.
  • Skills required to evaluate and support the mother-infant relationship.
  • Supporting pelvic floor recovery in the mother as a foundation for her own self-care.
  • Additional palpation skills for stabilizing the nervous systems of mom and baby.


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