Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Volume Three

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The excitement of holding the third volume of Michael Shea’s trilogy in my hands is like holding a rich, satisfying novel, taking to us about the story of life unfolding.

It is not only hard to put down, but stimulating professionally as a therapist and teacher and personally as a human being. In his eloquent writings Michael touches the heart and the mind, reaches the soul and the being. He confirms the aliveness of the process of the biodynamic practice and its organic process of continuation and development.

Michael Shea continues to expand an understanding of embryology and early development in understandable, practical and creative ways. He ignites awe for the miracle of life and the mystical aspects of biodynamic practice. He imparts insights and knowledge, which are on the leading edge of science. He navigates the frontier, where science and spirit meet and lays the groundwork for a profound therapeutic and healing relationship.

A deep compassion for the human condition permeates his work and guides the practitioner to recognize the heart as the fulcrum of our being and the coherency of contact.

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