Subdiaphragmatic Vagus Nerve and Pelvic Arteries (BCVT 6)

This class is on the deep vascular structures of the abdomen and pelvis. We explore the inflammatory processes in the endothelium of the gut and liver via the dorsal vagus. Students learn specific explorations to contact the inferior mesenteric and left colic arteries, the mesentery and the abdominal aorta. Differentiating the common iliac, internal iliac and external iliac arteries is taught.

We look at the entire continuity of the subdiaphragmatic vagus between the diaphragm and sacrum. The dorsal vagus nerve is critical in fighting inflammatory conditions in the gut and cardiovascular system. New research on the superior and inferior hypogastric plexi of ANS and sacral outflow of the PNS is presented including the importance of Cannon’s Point.

  • Learn about the subdiaphragmatic vagal system as a metabolic regulator
  • Bridge between the abdominal viscera and pelvic viscera via cardiovascular system
  • Learn to balance the vagus nerve and abdominopelvic organs
  • Learn how to increase blood circulation in the pelvic viscera