Nine Pulses and Five Subtle Winds (BCVT 9)

This course explores the human body from a Tibetan Medicine point of view. An understanding of the body as the home of the five elements will be presented especially space and wind. Skills are integrated into a clinical method for working with both arteries and veins. There is a pandemic of Metabolic syndrome globally requiring a new understanding of the human body for healing at an elemental level. Nine pulses refer to the older locations for pulse diagnosis and for balancing body chi in classical Chinese medicine. Each of these pulses is associated with an artery, an organ (meridian) system as well as the flow of PR (chi) inside and outside the body.

Five veins refer to the embryonic veins that carry the incarnating consciousness into the heart. The five veins of incarnating consciousness of Tibetan Medicine will be taught and sensed via the perception of dynamic stillness in the umbilical, two subclavian and two jugular veins. They are associated with dynamic stillness as the element of space. Together the nine primary pulses and five veins represent an advanced understanding of the Ignition process in BCVT.

  • Learn to differentiate the nine pulses of classical Chinese medicine to create cosmological balance
  • Refine the skill of perceiving the therapeutic direction and effects of PR as Chi
  • Learn the new metabolism of the body
  • Deepen skills with dynamic stillness in the veins of cardiovascular system