Introduction to Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy: Working Heart to Heart

This is a new paradigm in craniosacral therapy called Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy. A cardiovascular approach is to feel the health of the heart and vascular system in one’s self and the client with Primary Respiration and stillness. Cardiovascular work is about delicate palpation skills. In this class, students will learn how and when to blend all previous learning in craniosacral therapy for the most effective treatment for the client.

This course builds the framework for the biodynamic cardiovascular approach to craniosacral therapy. We will cultivate the perceptual-touch necessary for sensing both deep metabolism of the autonomic nervous system and its relationship with cardiovascular physiology. A dynamic new palpation skill to contact the entire vascular system will be taught.

The following arteries will be studied and palpated biodynamically: The radial artery, the anterior tibial artery, the posterior tibial artery and the subclavian artery. The principle of practice with the cardiovascular system is to work with the peripheral arteries first before contact with the heart at the center. A specific protocol will be taught to integrate into the practitioner’s clinical practice.

  • Learning the stages of blood-heart development
  • Palpating and treating the cardiovascular system
  • Sensing the relationship of structure and function in the body
  • Refining orientation to biological slowness and stillness for healing