Craniosacral Therapy for Concussions: Balancing the Cranial Base

The prevalence of mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI) has increased 70% in the past decade especially in younger people not just athletes. The long term consequences of MTBI includes physical and cognitive impairment through the lifespan. This course will explore techniques for the cranium to relieve the effects of impact trauma to the upper extremities and head injuries. Rebalancing the bones and membranes of the head and neck especially through the sphenoid, vomer, ethmoid and occiput of the cranial base will be explored. Additional information will be provided on facial trauma and sutural dysfunction.
This course is open to any licensed manual therapist interested in learning about head injuries and how to gently work with them. Previous experience with craniosacral therapy is not necessary. This course is a complement to its sister course called Craniosacral Therapy for Concussions: Rebalancing the Cerebrovascular System. Either course can be taken without the other. When both courses are taken, the student will have a very effective set of tools to work with a wide variety of impact trauma from car accidents to sports injuries.
The following therapeutic skills will be taught:
• Multiple protocols for the atlanto-occipital joint space (AOJ).
• Blending traditional craniosacral therapy with the cardiovascular system.
• Identifying and relieving specific restrictions in the occipitomastoid suture.