Primary Respiration and the Fluid Body

Primary Respiration is a foundation of embodied wholeness, health and compassion in the human body. The focus of this course is to learn to explore with Primary Respiration (PR -also known as the Long Tide) in Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy sessions. Students will also learn about the Fluid Body being the sum of all the different types of fluids in the body especially new research on water. The Fluid Body is an expression of the natural world. Students will then learn new hand positions to sense PR in the Fluid Body of the client in relationship with the cardiovascular system. A skill called the vascular tree with exploration of the radial and anterior tibial arteries will be taught. An introduction to the dynamic morphology of the human embryo as it relates to the Fluid Body will be explored theoretically and with new table exploration.

Students will learn to move their attention through a cycle of attunement, which is the basic work of all biodynamic sessions. This starts with orienting to the shape of the practitioner’s Fluid Body, the movement of the breath and heart, the space immediately around their body that is also part of the Fluid Body, the office space and the natural world outside the office as it relates to the Fluid Body. Moving attention out to the natural world and back in the rhythm of PR is called a cycle of attunement and is crucial to the client’s healing process. It is the way the whole client is reunified.

  • Learn new hand positions to work with the Fluid Body
  • See the four stages of embryonic morphology as applied to biodynamic practice
  • Sense the relationship of the heart to the stillness
  • Introduction to Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy